NARU STUDIOS is committed to radical transparency, offering honesty and integrity at every stage. A dedication to share our founder’s passion and determination for beautiful product that is designed with longevity in mind, to improve negative environmental and social impacts and to achieve long lasting, positive effects on nature and its communities.

A dedication to be at the forefront of sustainable practices within the accessories industries and to create with an educated and open mind.


NARU STUDIOS will only ever use renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. All our bags are designed to last beyond a lifetime and it is our continuous mission to improve on any environmental and social impacts we are having. We strive to work with and for nature and its communities and not against them. We scrutinise each aspect of the design and production process - from the use of water, chemicals and energy to the reduction and elimination of waste.


A superior quality bovine leather sourced from organic farms in Germany and a by-product of the meat and milk industries, none of the leathers are from factory farming and from species appropriate husbandry. The German based tannery uses the roots of rhubarb plants as a renewable raw material for chromium-free tanning which is innovative and gives the leather its rich colour, unique feel and luxury quality. The leather is uncoated, 100% biodegradable and the hides are 100% traceable to the farms.


Sourced from a family run tannery in Tuscany, Italy, this leather is beautifully soft and luxurious. Produced using only renewable raw materials in a chromium free tanning process made from tree bark. The bark is a by-product from sawmills, meaning no trees are cut down in the process. All of the hides are by-products from the meat trade and are 100% biodegradable and 100% traceable to the farms. The leather is produced in Italy and the hides are sourced from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium - all of which are known for their high ethical farming standards.

So, why leather?

It is widely known that farming and ranching for meat are significant drivers in deforestation and climate change. More recently there has been a movement of farmers who have used modern knowledge and age old expertise to counter these negative impacts. Regenerative and rotational farming allows livestock to play an essential role in the maintenance of soil health, and healthy soil draws down and stores carbon from the atmosphere. It is therefore our belief that farming can be the very solution to the problem it has created over time.

Over the course of 2022, it is NARU STUDIOS' goal to continuously increase the amount of regenerative leathers used in our products - mainly focusing on UK producers - with the aim of a purely regenerative future. Offering products that use a balance of organic and regenerative leathers, and truly plant based leather alternatives (Plastic and Polyurethane free) is the future for the leather goods industry and will create a much smaller carbon footprint than the majority of today’s luxury fashion and accessories brands.


Made from 40% recycled plastic bottles and 60% recycled cotton, the fabric is made in India, where the cotton scraps are sourced from the local textile industry and the plastic bottles from the country’s consumer waste. The plain weave fabric is un-dyed and no harmful chemicals are used in its manufacture. In comparison to equivalent products made from virgin materials, using recycled materials uses 99% less water and generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions. Responsibly manufactured in India - GRS, SEDEX and BSCI approved.


All metal fittings are made from an aluminium alloy, which is infinitely recyclable. Any excess produced during manufacture can therefore be recycled again and made into new products. Our hardware is designed and developed in London and manufactured in China. Zips are made from 40% recycled brass. Producing hardware from 100% recycled brass is currently not possible - due to a resulting lack in durability and longevity. Zip tapes are made from 100% recycled polyester and manufactured in Switzerland.


All boxes and tape - product and postal - are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper and are 100% recyclable. The rigid product boxes are printed with non-toxic, water-based inks and fixed using non toxic glues. Any printed collateral is kept to a minimum and our hang tags only carry a QR code that links to the customer care page and all relevant information around sustainability, product care and returns. The hang tag cord is created from any waste material left over during production at our London atelier - resulting in minimal to no waste from the production process. All packaging is designed in the UK and made in London, Denmark and China.

Production —

Made in London

By keeping things as local as possible we are not only building a creative community but working towards a more carbon neutral future.

Part of NARU STUDIOS' journey towards a more sustainable and considered future within the luxury industries is lowering our carbon footprint. Our founder has sourced one of the industry's top ateliers, based in London, where each piece is lovingly handmade by skilled leather artisans. We continuously strive towards a purely local supply chain, meaning that all our materials are sourced and produced with this in mind. We are passionate about supporting the British leather goods manufacturing industry, only ever producing small batches because we believe that high quality craftsmanship and creating beautiful products require skill and time. For us, creating small batches is the true meaning of luxury and by offering a preorder system, avoids over-production.

Social & Environmental Sustainability

Our vision is to create a community that values each team member to build a work environment of encouragement, positivity, and equality. We believe in empowerment and balance to form a more socially sustainable future.

Just like environmental sustainability, human rights and social sustainability are equally as important to us. Our vision is to create a company in the fashion industry that has social and environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do, whether it be across our supply chain or at our studio in Oxford.

We believe in creating a community which is free from bias and where every individual has an equal voice and representation. We believe in inclusivity and equal opportunities across the whole company.

We prioritise equality across different groups of people and strive to hire individuals from different cultural backgrounds with different perspectives and values. We prioritise gender equality and will never have a gap in pay or lack of flexibility when it comes to working options and work-life balance. 

We prioritise the health of our employees, both mental and physical. We know how important it is to create a work environment that supports every individual and we strive to create a flexible and open working environment.


At NARU we believe in taking special care of products so that they last a lifetime. Below is a step-by-step process on how to clean and restore vegetable tanned leather. Read here for more information on Product Care.

01. Remove any visible dirt or dust from the leather using a dry, smooth and clean cloth. 02. Lightly apply a good quality natural hide food to the leather using a dry, smooth and clean cloth and allow to dry for a few hours. 03. Buff the leather using a different dry, smooth and clean cloth. The leather will now be restored and have life breathed back into it.

We are always happy to help should you have any questions.