Product Care

At NARU we believe in taking special care of our products so that they last a lifetime. The beauty of leather is that it truly lasts a lifetime, if looked after properly. Its organic properties render it delicate and it is therefore imperative that extra care is taken to keep it looking beautiful. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean and restore vegetable tanned and nubuck leather.


VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER – Remove any visible dirt or dust from the leather using a smooth clean cloth. Make sure your cloth is dry to avoid any staining.

NUBUCK – Gently remove any visible dirt or worn shiny areas using a soft nubuck brush.


VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER - Lightly apply a good quality natural hide food to the leather using a smooth clean cloth and allow to dry for a few hours.

NUBUCK – Lightly spray the nubuck with a good quality natural nubuck mist and allow to dry overnight.


VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER - Buff the leather using a dry, smooth and clean cloth. The leather will now be restored and protected.

NUBUCK – Gently buff the nubuck with the soft nubuck brush. Please note that nubuck must be cleaned and brushed regularly, otherwise, over time it will flatten down, become shiny and turn into smooth leather.


We hope that you will feel 100% satisfied with your item and love wearing it, but further down the line it may need some care and attention to bring it back to life. We offer a lifetime repair and restore service in partnership with a handful of trusted specialists. Please be aware that our product MOT service can take 4-6 weeks from us receiving the item. Get in touch for more details.