NARU STUDIOS is proud to partner with DIRT – Foundation for the Regeneration of Earth, a charity who is on a mission to regenerate our earth's soil. Regenerating soil is one of the most important actions to be taken in the face of climate change.

DIRT regenerates soil through supporting the biodynamic farming movement with the mission to help fashion become a climate solution.

5% of all NARU's sales will be donated to DIRT in our mission to fight the climate crisis and support those making a difference.

The WHy

Everything we need, have, and use, is grown in soil. Soil that has been abused by chemical agriculture and thus rendering it nutrient poor.


Fashion is also grown in soil, because all the natural fibers are grown on farms. 


DIRT is an independent charitable organisation helping to harness the power of the fashion industry to fortify the biodynamic movement. DIRT aims to increase soil fertility, biodiversity, community wellness, water retention and absorption, greenhouse gas sequestration, as well as educate about healthy land management, including biodynamic farming. DIRT does this by building a bridge between fashion brands and the growers of the raw materials they source, so that everything we wear comes from regenerative agriculture farms.


Regenerative agriculture is all about thriving biodiversity of multiple species of plants and animals all living in a good healthy balance, where quality of soil increases with each farming season. It gets richer and more full of life, supporting everything that surrounds it.

Biodynamic Farming is a type of regenerative farming and is a small movement that is not well known, yet holds the answer to Earth's regeneration. It uses no chemicals at all and makes its own compost on the farm to fertilise the soil, omitting the need to purchase chemical fertilisers which are harming the microorganisms in soil. With each passing season, the life under the soil of a biodynamic farm becomes healthier and nutrient rich.

DIRT achieves its goal of supporting the transition of all farmland to biodynamic management by creating market demand for biodynamically grown raw materials for fashion fibres by raising awareness that biodynamic agriculture exists and benefits us all.


"The time has come to give back to soil, to nurture it. To repay our debt to soil for the immense profits that our industries have drawn from it without consent." — Arizona Muse, model, environmentalist, sustainability consultant and founder of DIRT.

Photographed by the industry's most established names, Arizona has appeared on the covers of leading fashion publications and has been the face of international campaigns for global fashion brands. After being a model for years, Arizona realised she didn’t know enough about where the materials of her clothes came from. Ever since, she has been on an eye-opening journey, educating herself about the truth of how things are actually made, who makes them, and the impact this cycle has on planet Earth.

Muse consults to help brands incorporate sustainability into their core strategy, sits on the advisory board of The Sustainable Angle, collaborates with Extinction Rebellion, Fashion Revolution, and is Greenpeace’s Oceans Ambassador, Aveda’s first global sustainability advocate and an occasional speaker at COP.

It is her life’s mission to raise awareness about the climate emergency and the climate solution that is Biodynamic Farming.


DIRT's objectives are to raise awareness that biodynamics exists and what governments, individuals, and businesses can do to support its growth and increase the amount of land that is cared for biodynamically.

WHY – Because raw materials are grown on farms. Buckles, silk, cotton, lavender, zippers, beeswax, plant-based oils, viscose fabric, wool, leather - you name it. In other words, everything we need comes from soil.

Unfortunately, 3⁄4 of Earth’s soil is now depleted and we are all affected. The time has come to take action and grow the materials we need on biodynamic farms and regenerate mining sites with biodynamic methods.

AIM – DIRT aims to increase the number of farms producing biodynamic materials for fashion by funding the transition of conventional farms (including forests, unused degraded land, and mine pits) to biodynamic operations.