Why rent this Christmas?

by Lucy Siddall

There is no denying the impact the fashion industry has on the planet. From excessive water consumption, toxic emissions, and unimaginable amounts of waste, the implications are incredibly concerning. And for conscious shoppers, this can be a real issue.

For those who value style, design and exquisite craftsmanship but want to avoid leaving a harmful footprint on the world, we have the solution: renting.

Since 2019 the number of designer brands and luxury stores offering rental options has grown exponentially. With only a short period of time left until Christmas, there’s still time to get on board with the fashion industry’s hottest and most sustainable way to shop.

Below are three reasons why renting a handbag this Christmas is the most planet-protecting, cost-effective and fashion-conscious thing we can do.

Since 2019 the number of designer brands and luxury stores offering rental options has grown exponentially.

Support sustainability

It’s not uncommon to buy something only to wear it once and then commit it to purgatory at the bottom of a wardrobe. Maybe this situation sounds familiar. Unfortunately, the consequences of throw-away fashion are catastrophic. The fashion industry is responsible for more CO2 emissions than flying and sea travel combined. Of the 100 billion items of clothing produced each year, 73% go to landfill, and 20% of the world’s waste comes from fabric production. 

Yet, renting our accessories this Christmas means avoiding single-use purchases and directly contributing to the reduction of the fashion industry’s impact on our world. Instead of feeling guilt-stricken at buying and throwing something only used once or twice, make confident consumer choices to support a stylish, sophisticated and sustainable future.

Don’t break the bank

Renting opens our wardrobes up to a selection of premium brands we may not have been able to consider previously. And with presents to buy and soaring bills landing on your doormat, paying full price for a beautiful leather handbag may be out of the question this year. 

Renting delivers a premium, uniquely designed, quality piece without the price tag. For a fraction of the price, have a new handbag for every party this December. Or, maybe there is one that is perfect for them all. 

The choice is ours.

Inject newness into your wardrobe

No one wants to wear last year's outfit to this year’s festivities. However, with the office Christmas party, drinks with friends and Christmas Day celebrations (not to mention New Year’s Eve), buying a whole new wardrobe is unrealistic.

But style, relevance and sophistication are essential.

Maybe this season, a cross-body appeals to more than a tote. Or the glistening gold dress pairs better with a camel bag rather than a black one. Or perhaps, the accessory du jour is charcoal grey. 

With renting, all conscious style choices are possible.

Whatever newness is lusted after, renting is an effective way to inject modern and contemporary styles from this season into your wardrobe. Experiment and have fun with fashion choices without the long-term commitment of a full-price purchase.

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