Travel diaries with: Lavinia Cernau

by Natalie Smith

Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer -  Lavinia Cernau - gives NARU an insight into her travel diaries and how she finds inspiration in the morning light.

Where is your go to destination for inspiration?

Definitely Italy. There's a special energy in Italy - whether we're talking about the people, the history, the works of art found at every corner, the amazing food; I feel like everything is connected and connects you to everything when you're there, if you allow it. 

Where did you travel last summer?

I've been to France, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Mallorca and Switzerland.

What are your travel essentials?

I love to have a thermal water mist with me and a lip balm. Oh and I absolutely need to have a shoulder bag that's small enough not to get in the way and big enough to put all my essentials in.

Which country have you always longed to go to?

South Africa - it will happen soon, I know it.  

Do you prefer a nomadic existence to staying in one place for a long time?

I love that my projects take me to such beautiful places, such amazing cultures and people but I also love coming back home. It's about hitting a balance I should say.

Where do you find the best light for your photography?

The early morning hours are magical to me. I used to love sunsets more, but I feel a particular urge to wake up for sunrise and shoot. Must be a photographer's thing that slowly began to define me as a being...or is it that I'm just getting old?! haha.

How would you best describe your photography style?

I'd say I have an intuitive approach to photography. It's emotion driven and heartfelt. It's bathed in light and poetic, I'm told.

What has been your favourite photo location or session?

That must be my most recent campaign shot for Australian brand Alex & Trahanas @alexandtrahanas in Puglia, Italy, with Daphne Morelli.

What lies ahead for you?

I have several projects lined up; we'll see, I'm so excited and grateful to be travelling and photographing for a living; it's quite powerful not to know where you'll be in a few weeks.

What advice do you have for other aspiring lifestyle and fashion photographers?

I always live in the moment of the shooting, oblivious to how time passes; I think living the experience as such leads me to my best photography.

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