Naru Studios Love Letters: An Ode To Longevity

by Rêve en Vert

Over the summer of 2022, the NARU handbags travelled
between a group of slow living advocates, who shared messages about what is keeping them inspired and hopeful for the future.


"I am a fan of regenerative agriculture and the biodynamic farming movement. Through practices which enrich soil and protect water, regenerative agriculture is aligning and in harmony with nature. I believe the future of the leather-goods industry depends on the learning or re-learning of these practices."

@nat.naru + @narustudios

I want to be an advocate for change and I strongly believe that everyone has it in their power to make small, manageable changes.

Bianca Foley - Sustainability Consultant and host of the podcast "Sustainably Influenced"

"I’m a fan of wearing what I have and when I do make purchases, knowing that I will do everything in my power to lower their impact, whether that be sharing my wardrobe by renting it out, swapping items or upcycling.  I
want to be an advocate for change and I strongly believe that everyone has it in their power to make small, manageable changes."


Lucy Kebbell – Founder of The Wip – a digital space for eco aware brand founders and sustainable entrepreneurs – and host of The Vendeur fashion podcast

"I’m a fan of buying less but wearing more. Whether I am renting, swapping or shopping my own wardrobe, I try to stay true to my own style as opposed to being lead by trends and 'moments'. My favourite thing to do is rediscover pieces I packed away for a season."

The Vendeur

Laura Romanin – climate change activist, fashion and beauty influencer

"...second hand September. Oxfam's second hand September encourages people to buy second hand fashion only for a month. And with good reason too: not only does it stop clothes from going to landfill, experts say that extending the life of a garment by just nine months can reduce its carbon footprint by between 20 - 30%! Whether lending, mending, renting from your favourite cult brand rental site like Rotaro, Depop or Selfridges x Hurr and most recently I purchased my sequin logo Fendi Baguette from Vestiaire Collective. With an estimated £30billion worth of unworn clothing hanging in our wardrobes in the UK alone, we also need to take stock of what we already own, and making sure we're passing on or re-selling our clothes. Giving good clothes a longer life? What's not to love - and love again and again - about that?"


Johanna Ljunggren - Model, writer, activist and Ambassador of Carbon Calories

"Nothing lives forever. What matters is how we treat our relationship with the things we acquire. We must look at our life and lifestyles and make the changes that will work for us individually. Still, we should also contribute to activist movements that might not necessarily have anything to do with us. We are now aware of a crisis that has been left to prosper in the shadows of denial, and consuming less will not save the world. Nonetheless, it means we're not supporting a broken system."


Signe Hansen – Capsule wardrobe pioneer, style coach and colour consultant

"I’m a fan of how at peace a capsule wardrobe can make you feel. It wasn’t before I tried the method myself I really learned to feel comfortable with my personal style. I learned to appreciate fashion in a way that wasn’t trend-driven. Fashion
shouldn’t cost the earth. The capsule wardrobe system gave me a “this is me, and this is how I like to dress. Take it or leave it” kind of feeling. When friends and family recognize something I’m wearing or if they describe an outfit as a typical “uniform” for me, I take it as a compliment. I know what I like.


Emily Mae Martin – Creator of naturally dyed slow clothing, accessories and quilts – and repair specialist

"I’m a fan of great communicators. A favourite of mine is @ajabarber - I would not be able to keep up with all developments within sustainable and ethical fashion without her Instagram and Patreon. Being able to share her research and thoughts is so helpful and powerful when this type of communication is not in your strengths. She always manages to succinctly describe just how I'm feeling/thinking about a complex topic."


Cora Hilts – Co-Founder & CEO of Rêve En Vert

"I am a fan of combining beauty with sustainability. Starting Rêve En Vert for me was about the idea that timeless, ethical items could help the consumer culture we are so entrenched in to evolve into something more purposeful, something in tune with Mother Nature and all we owe to her. I am a fan of production for the good of people, animals and planet which I always hope will result in something timeless."


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